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Welcome to Primary!

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Introducing the Primary section

Welcome to our Primary section  We've put together a few pages with some resources for primary-aged pupils.  These will grow as friends and colleagues suggest more - you'll see there's a deep red menu bar above giving you the routes to Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Useful Stuff As well as the pages within the Primary Section, you might also like to pop over to our Useful Stuff page - there are some ideas on workmix and timetabling, and some hints on dealing with blocks or barriers to learning, among the goodies in there.

For starters we've had a very thorough dig through the government's horribly cluttered and messy Web site, and provided a comprehensive collection of links to what you should be teaching in every subject (if you're following the National Curriculum) - with some extra advice for English and Maths.


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