: Key Stage 3

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Welcome to Key Stage 3!

  KS3 National Curriculum  |  Computer Science  |  Music

You now have more choices!

Our Key Stage 3 offerings are expanding again.  as well as putting together a page with some goodies for Music, we've also now included a convenient "everything in one place" set of links to the National Curriculum programme of study for each subject at Key Stage 3 - you'll see there's a new link on the deep red menu bar above, alongside those giving you the routes to Computing or Music.

The Computing section continues to develop.  The Web site writing course has some new lessons, and there is a link to a rather exciting tool for learning programming through Scratch, for those who have not tried that yet.

The Music section is still developing, and some of the ideas are just grabbed from our "classroom" resources, and may need a little tinkering at some point!  There should already be enough goodies to open KS3 ears, and explore something creative!  One or two things that might be handy for GCSE students, as well.


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