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Learning should have some elements of fun - we try to make all of our lessons fun, enjoyable, inspiring - even some of the more challenging concepts in computing we still try to approach with a bit of a sense of humour.  That said, there are still times when it's nice for the learner to feel like they have switched off and are having fun, but in reality are still learning.  So here we have funstuff - an eclectic mix of fun and creative activities that will change with the seasons and as we unearth new goodies.

Build your own Space Invaders game

Many of our GCSE and A Level students are into game design, and a good few are enjoying trying to put a new spin on old retro classics - like Space Invaders.  Here's a link to an excellent tutorial taking you, step-by-step through the way such a program is written.  It'll do wonders for your prowess as a programmer in Python, and give you a good understanding of how the program is put together, so you can modify it, customise it, use it as a basis for similar games of your own...  Enjoy!

(Just be careful to follow every detail of the code and whereabouts in the code everything goes!)

more funstuff coming soon...

Drop by every so often, we have a few ideas under development, and our friends sometime pass-on goodies!


Seasonal funstuff...

Christmas Coordinates

Here's some Year 6 to Year 8 fun stuff from a friend and Maths teacher, Su Bowie.  A mix of Maths, Art and Festive Fun!

Resources you will need:

Oh - and an elementary understanding of (x,y) co-ordinates on a graph or map.

Frosty an easier one
Holly an easier one
Rudolf an easier version

Chritmas Cyber Challenge

Those wonderful people at GCHQ have released their Chritmas Card - with a ton of tantalising tidbits to get your teeth into.  Here at R4L we haven't quite worked our way through it yet - see if you can beat us!

Here's the link: The GCHQ Christmas Challenge 2022  Straight from the centre of GCHQ itself!


Please drop back from time to time - there will be more goodies here!